Specialty Chemicals


GreenCARE LogoTogether with Université de Rennes 1, DEMETA is developing high value-added molecules with an environmentally responsible and cost-effective approach to serve the cosmetics, flavors & fragrances, lubricants, bio-herbicides, surfactants and pigments sectors. Thanks to its innovative alkene oxidation technologies, the specialty molecules developed by DEMETA  are obtained exclusively from bio-based products and produced via catalytic pathway that respect the principles of green chemistry: mild pressure and temperature conditions, non-precious metals, no reagents or solvents that are harmful to human health or the environment, etc. GreenCARE is a breakthrough technology offering a safe and environmentally responsible cost-saving alternative for chemicals manufacturers looking for clean and profitable processes. The chemical transformations developed by DEMETA offer quick, reliable and carbon-neutral processes to replace existing technologies such as ozonolysis, which are expensive, dangerous and polluting.

Markets & Applications

Cosmetic active ingredients

DEMETA is marketing a new family of cosmetic ingredients derived from vegetable oils. Synthesized using DEMETA’s catalysts, these patented plant-based molecules generate a proven antimicrobial activity that is equivalent or even superior to the levels offered by ozonated oils or peroxides. With their ozone-free synthesis, these molecules do not have a characteristic odor, are stable under normal conditions of use and integrate this preservative function. DEMETA’s active ingredients are excellent plant-based alternatives to molecules traditionally used in the cosmetics industry, often fossile-based, and sometimes controversial, such as endocrine disruptors or allergens.

GreenCARE - Cosmetic active ingredients - DEMETA

New plant-based fragrances

DEMETA is developing a portfolio of more than 20 fragrant molecules, synthesized using a non-hazardous, patented catalytic technology. Several of these molecules are new, original compounds, exclusively developed by DEMETA. Derived primarily from natural terpene essences, these fragrances enable widely available biomass resources to be harnessed to replace molecules that are synthesized with complex, expensive pathways, often with a significant environmental footprint. Able to enrich a perfume, DEMETA’s fragrances combine a new olfactory profile with innovation and a very positive environmental footprint.

GreenCARE - New plant-based fragrances - DEMETA

Natural pigments and dyes

DEMETA is also working to replace fossil-based pigments and dyes, many of which, even though they have been marketed for decades, are proving to involve concerns for human health in light of current toxicological knowledge or are even suspected of being endocrine disruptors. Rather than working on extracting natural dyes, which are often known for being unstable over time or changing color when exposed to light, because of oxidation, DEMETA develops new catalytic routes, using the principles of green chemistry, to synthesize new bio-based, non-toxic coloring molecules. These pigments and dyes have similar or even superior coloring features compared with their petroleum-based analogs.

GreenCARE - Natural pigments and dyes - DEMETA

Bio-based azelaic and pelargonic acids

DEMETA has developed and patented a unique process that makes it possible to obtain azelaic and pelargonic acids from bio-sourced oleic acid without using compounds that are toxic or hazardous for human health or the environment. The process developed by DEMETA aims specifically to replace current technologies based on ozonolysis or cobalt salts. Derived from plant biomass, the azelaic and pelargonic acids, synthesized with DEMETA’s catalysts, significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and are widely used as intermediates for producing lubricants, bio-herbicides (bio-sourced alternative to glyphosate), cosmetic active ingredients and bioplastic precursors.

GreenCARE - Bio-based azelaic and pelargonic acids - DEMETA


With two families of olefin metathesis catalysts that are very complementary in terms of performance, as well as a team of experts available for custom solutions, DEMETA is positioned as a European leader in this field and ready to meet your expectations. Whether you want to reduce the catalytic loading or significantly improve the selectivity of your metathesis step, DEMETA offers tailor-made co-development programs to adapt your synthesis pathways and improve their performance.

You can also benefit from DEMETA’s alkene oxidation expertise to apply its catalytic toolbox on your own substrates. This will enable you to achieve more cost-effective and environmentally responsible production processes, while opening up access to new high value-added molecules.

GreenCARE - Catalyst - DEMETA